NZ Cyber Skills Shortage

It is widely acknowledged that there is a global skills shortage in Cyber Security. New Zealand is no exception and a recent PWC report stated that 91% of CEOs were concerned about Cyber Security and 84% about the availability of key skills.

New Zealand is largely dependent upon international students to assist with addressing the Cyber Security skills shortage. Ironically, many of these students are not successful in finding careers in Cyber Security through no fault of their own or their education provider.

Challenges for employers

Organisations often have a complex and product heavy Security posture. This can provide benefits but also presents a number of challenges for the employer:

  • Complex product landscape that requires a junior security employee to have skills immediately to carry out operational duties

  • No internal resources available to assist junior security employees with ‘on the job’ training. As organisations are becoming more digital and customer experience focused, this reduces the availability of key resources who are battling to ensure security is an enabler for digital growth and not a blockage.

  • Key skills not available internally to assist with training junior security employee.

  • Graduating students often don’t have the practical knowledge of applying security controls or frameworks in the real world. This extends across all security and risk domains.

How we can help?

We aim to produce ‘work ready’ Cyber Security professionals who have New Zealand industry experience across the following:

  • Practical understanding of an organisation’s security posture

  • Hands on experience in Information assets (incl. cloud, hardware, software) discovery, classification and labeling

  • Hands on experience in operations within an ISO27001 certified environment

  • Understanding of the roles within a Security Operations Centre

  • Understanding and experience in tools used within a Security Operations Centre

  • Hands on experience in basic administration and management of leading technology products across multiple vendor technologies

  • Comprehensive background checks including education and police/criminal record

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